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Cougar Dating: 7 Expert Tips On Dating A Cougar

Cougar Dating is more common than you might believe.

In every older woman there’s a cougar waiting to pounce…

Fascinated by the thought of dating a Cougar?

There are many young men praying for a chance to date a Cougar. What most of them don’t know is that Cougars are not your average women.

  • They are more intelligent
  • They are more choosy
  • They know exactly what they want.
  • They are successful, mature women.

To increase your chances of success, here are 7 insider tips that will help you on your quest to successfully date a Cougar.

Cougar Dating Success Tip #1:

Know What You Want In Life And Who You Are

This is one of the most important insider tips to consider when dating Cougars. One thing most men don’t realize is that Cougars are a lot smarter than they think. They are on another level in life and are more experienced at just about everything, but especially in dating. This makes them very good judges of character and one thing is for certain- they don’t like men who are immature and who have not figured out who they are.

So, if you want to attract a Cougar, you’ll need to have a strong character, know exactly what in life, be mature, and know who you are. Running to the XBox and going, “Awesome, you have an XBox, you wanna play?” just won’t cut it.

If you don’t have goals, a career path, or something else to show you are a serious, focused guy, you are better off dating younger women and leaving the Cougars to the real men.

Cougar Dating Success Tip #2:

Be Physically Fit – Take Care Of Your Body

Ask yourself what is it that Cougars get out of the relationship aside from the trendiness of it. Ask yourself why they prefer younger men. You may come up with a number of different reasons like sex, to feel younger, to engage in a more mature relationship, to be motherly, but what you will eventually notice is that many of your reasons revolve around your body.

Younger men are more muscular and energetic as well as more open to experimentation compared to older men – and they have more stamina. This translates to better sex and better sex-appeal and a better time before and after sex.

So take care of your body by exercising regularly,  eating well and making sure your skin, hair and teeth are in top notch condition.

If it was all about money, wisdom or maturity, younger men wouldn’t beat out older men in the Cougar dating game.

Cougar Dating Success Tip #3:

Be Interesting

Being interesting is the key to having fruitful conversations with Cougars (Note that being funny is not the same as being interesting when dating Cougars though it can play a role). You must be able to hold a conversation on a number of different topics intelligently and maturely.

Unlike younger women, Cougars are not necessarily looking for a romantic relationship – they are looking for a bit of fun, companionship, a great body to have sex with, someone to mother or mentor, and of course someone to talk with who can converse maturely and on their level.

The mature Cougar may also expect you to look up to her as the ‘experienced woman’ that she perceives herself to be. Ask plenty of smart questions and fawn over her worldly answers. It may even give her pleasure to mentor you or give you business or career advice.

Cougar Dating Success Tip #4:

Don’t Expect Financial Favors

Contrary to popular belief, Cougars don’t enjoy paying for their time with younger men. They detest the idea of paying for sex, or companionship directly or indirectly.

You should not start a dating relationship with a Cougar under the impression of a having free meal ticket because you will end up disappointed and most likely humiliated.

No woman wants to take care of a man, so you should focus more on having fun as opposed to having someone who will pay your bills. Cougars have a sixth sense about this so don’t try to fool them – they will instantly know what you really want. After all, they’ve seen a dozen of you come and go. If fun isn’t your number one priority, your chances of success will be very slim.

Be prepared to pay your own way.

Cougar Dating Success Tip #5:

Act Mature

Cougars aren’t interested in dating little boys. They want the body of a boy, but the maturity of a man. Though young, mature men are rare, Cougars never-the-less hold this ideal in their mind when sizing up a potential date. If you have no idea what we’re talking about here, try going back and reviewing movies where older mature men interact with wise mature women. Check out the James Bond movies as an example.

Replace “Wow that’s f**king awesome!” with, “how interesting.” or “that was way cool dude” with “that was nice”.

So tight rope walking on the curb edge is out, but strolling with her arm in yours is in. Walking through the door first is out, but holding the door open for her is in. Assuming that you know what is best is out, putting her needs and desires before yours is in.

Cougar Dating Success Tip #6:

Hunt In The Right Places

You can’t date a Cougar if you can’t find one. You aren’t gong to find a Cougar in an arcade or at the movies. Instead, hang out in special bars/clubs like swinger bars or special event bars. You can also get lucky at the gym because Cougars love taking care of their bodies.

Also try classes, weddings and stop into the supermarket later in the evening. Most Cougars are successful, career women. Look for more upscale places where they might hang out.

Cougar Dating Success Tip #7:

Stalking A Cougar

So now that you’ve found a potential candidate, you need to do several things:

  1. Find out if she’s interested.
  2. See if there’s any chemistry.
  3. Approach her without putting her off.

If she’s interested, she will hold or make eye contact with you and give any number of physical signals. Be alert but not over eager. If you approach her and she touches you, she’s definitely interested and there’s a pretty good chance there’s some chemistry there.

Whatever you do, don’t use stupid immature pickup lines like, “Are you tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all night.” or  “I love your dress, but I think it would look better on my floor.” Check out our article  12 Cute Pickup Lines – A Woman’s Perspective.

When the conversation begins, be mature and respectful and don’t bring up your age difference. And don’t treat her like your mother. She’s an older woman who may see you as a “boy toy”, but she doesn’t want to be reminded of her age. Older women won’t put up with much nonsense so don’t fumble your way through the introduction.

Most Cougars choose to date or look for younger men because of the interesting possibilities they can bring to her life. Men her own age treat her as an equal or can’t deal with her independence and hard won strength and success.

A relationship with a Cougar is not about you. It’s about her in every way – be mature, accept her for what she is, fawn over her, let her coach or mentor you, pay your own way, be interesting and keep your body in good shape and you’ll find in her a wealth of experience and someone who knows how to treat a man like a man should be treated.

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