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What Is Speed Dating?

A Speed Dating Couple On A Date

A Speed Dating Couple On A Date

Speed dating is a term that baffles a lot of people. And unless you know what it’s all about, it can come as quite a surprise as it may be the shortest date you’ll ever have.

Speed dating is an organized group function. It’s where men and women come together in one place looking to make a connection with someone whom they might want to date further, or develop a relationship with.

Daters can go to a speed dating event by themselves without feeling out of place, and it’s also a great venue for women who like to go out in groups.

How Speed Dating Works

The way it works is that a bunch of people get together at a central location (usually in person) but speed dating can also be done online – though it isn’t nearly as much fun or as effective.

At the event, you’re assigned a number and once the session begins, you sit at a table across from some random person for a predetermined length of time. If you think that person might make a good match, you jot down or remember their number.

The idea is to ask and answer questions during the two minute or ten minute ‘date’ to see if that person is someone with whom you might be compatible.

When the time is up, you move to another table and the session time begins again.

Speed dating can save a lot of aggravation and bad dates since it helps you reduce the pool of possibilities without having to spend an excruciating night out with a total loser.

It helps to arrive with a list of questions that represent things you care about in your dating partner as the time you have is severely limited.

Probably the most important aspect of speed dating is that it allows you to instantly know whether or not there is any chemistry or attraction between the two of you.

After The Meet And Question Stage Is Over…

Once the meeting stage is over, you have hopefully accumulated a set of numbers of the people you’re interested in moving forward with.

During this next stage, you reveal the numbers of the person or persons you’re interested in. If any of those people also reveal your number, you have a further opportunity to communicate with them and/or go out together.

But the process doesn’t have to be that formal. If you really hit it off with someone during a speed dating meet and greet session, you can exchange information right away. However that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the reveal session and end up with other possible dating situations.

Speed Dating Can Be Brutal

Speed dating can be brutal at times (especially if no one reveals your number) and is not for everyone. But for many,  speed dating eliminates a lot of hassle and headache over more conventional dating methods.

And the truth is that some speed daters say they find people at speed dating events they wouldn’t ordinarily have run into in the regular dating world.

Speed Dating Is Low Pressure Efficiency Dating

Since there is no pressure to select a potential date in person, most people don’t feel pressured into making what might be a poor selection right away. And since feedback is delayed by a day or two while the results are tallied, there is no face to face rejection necessary.

A Speed Dating Study Shows Some Surprising Results

A study d0ne at the University of Pennsylvania in 2005 found that speed dating participants had actually formed an opinion and made their choice in the first three seconds of the meet and greet phase. The studies organizers also found that things like smoking habits, religious preferences and even previous marriages had a much smaller role in participants decisions than anticipated.

Speed dating has been around since 1998 when the first speed dating event took place in Beverly Hills at a place called Peet’s Cafe. By the year 2000 it had become very popular and was commonly viewed as the more ‘glamorous’ alternative to the ‘meat-rack’ form of dating favored prior to that.

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