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5 Romantic Date Ideas That Don’t Cost A Fortune

Star Gazing Is One Of Many Romantic Date Ideas

Star Gazing Is One Of Many Romantic Date Ideas You Can Steal From This Article.

Are you feeling like you’re just about out of romantic date ideas? And worse yet – out of cash? Credit cards maxed out? No friends to tap?

You’re not alone, dating is getting more and more expensive, and after all these years, it’s still pretty much a crap shoot. There’s just no way to tell if you’re going to hit it off or not.

So we’ve arranged five date ideas for you that are both romantic and cheap.

Here are a five great romantic date ideas for creating the perfect date – on the cheap…

Romantic Date Ideas #1:

Create a picnic at/for sunset. Watching the sun go down provides plenty of romance and the chance to cuddle. Bring some wine, cheese and crackers, a little romantic music, or go all out. Don’t forget a blanket to heat things up as the temperature drops.

Romantic Date Ideas #2:

If you live near a lake, river, ocean or even a pond – take a walk on the beach or along the bank. You’ll get plenty of intimate conversation in a setting where you can hold hands, put your arm around her and enjoy the wonders of nature. A light picnic lunch or dinner near a babbling brook can do wonders for the soul and will provide a more than memorable date. Just be sure to check the area for mosquitoes before you go.

Romantic Date Ideas #3:

Women are suckers for romantic movies. But that doesn’t mean you have to go out to the theater at $25 a pop. Why not rent a couple of romantic films – let her choose – and stay in. Combined with a home cooked meal, some strawberries and dipping chocolate, and you’ll have her melting in your arms in no time. (Don’t forget to show your sensitive side and for goodness sake, STAY AWAKE!)

Romantic Date Ideas #4:

On a clear night you can see forever, so get a bottle of wine, some snacks (cheese and crackers or your favorites) and blankets. Bring something soft to lay on or sit in and find a place away from the city lights. If you don’t live near any mountains or out-of-the-way places, a park will do in a pinch. For this romantic date idea, you’re going to sit under the heavens and watch for shooting stars. Be sure to make a wish with her whenever you see one. (Secret Dating Tip: meteor showers can be spectacular viewing events and are even better than shooting stars for igniting that spark of romance. Here’s where to go to find out when they’re around: meteor showers.

Romantic Date Ideas #5:

Last but not least, cook a romantic dinner at home and give her a foot massage. You can rent a video, dance to your favorite romantic tunes (or better yet to her favorite romantic tunes), cuddle, watch the sun go down, or just sit on the porch and talk. A nice dessert wine and some cheese and grapes for later will add to the ambiance. Get some soy candles to impress her. Soy burns cleaner than regular paraffin candles, is much better for the environment and burns longer.

That’s it this time for some cheap but good romantic date ideas. In the next article Add A Little Romance With These 12 Romantic Ideas we explore little things you can do to add a little romance to any dating situation.

Share your best romantic date ideas with our readers. Leave your comment below.

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