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PUA: Do You Have The Right Personality To Attract Women?

PUA Ask Yourself: Are Women Are Attracted To Bad Boys?

PUA Ask Yourself: Are Women Are Attracted To Bad Boys?

For the aspiring PUA, the right personality type is essential. Do you measure up?

Do you think that being nice, buying flowers, buying gifts, taking women out and letting them control the relationship is going to win you personality attraction points?

Or are you the kind of guy who believes that being a selfish, sarcastic jerk who is mean to women wins you more personality attraction points?

If you said the latter you’re right!

Sure, deep down you want to be the nice guy and the truth is that you can have the best of both worlds.

But first it’s important to establish that attraction isn’t a choice. Attraction is purely an emotional response.

And guess what?

Women are attracted to jerks.

But it doesn’t have to be an abusive, negative or mean relationship by any means.

You do however have to be:

  • Dominant
  • Unpredictable
  • Challenging
  • Bad Boy Type
  • Uncontrollable
  • Rebel

PUA: Be More Dominant

Take charge of the relationship and what is going to happen on the date. Instead of asking, simply lead the way. No need to be mean or rude about it. Be authoritative.

PUA: Be Less Predictable

Start with the way you flirt. Once you get her attention, ignore her. Then show up later and release your dominant side. Do the unexpected – women have seen and heard it all. Think outside the box.

PUA: Challenging

Women like a challenge. It engages their fertile imaginations. Stop being submissive. Stand on your own. Don’t wait for the woman to tell you how its going to go down.

PUA: Bad Boy Type

We all know the type. He’s the kid in your school that got the chicks but never went to class. The kid who doesn’t follow the rules. The kid who colors outside the lines.

PUA: Uncontrollable

You’re in charge of what’s going to happen. Women love to think they can control the relationship and how the night’s going to go. Don’t let this happen. Stand apart – do your own thing. Don’t let your date dictate to you how it’s going down.

PUA: Rebel

There was an old movie in which the actor James Dean portrayed a rebel. The name of the movie is Rebel Without A Cause. Rent a copy and see what you can learn. If this stuff doesn’t come naturally to you, you’ll need to develop the skill. So check out this page: How To Be A Rebel.

So stop being such a nice guy. Assert yourself and you’ll find that women are almost magically drawn to you.

It’s the primal instinct buried in women that they can’t resist – it may very well be built into their DNA.

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