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Common Terms For The Pick Up Artist

Pick Up Artists (PUA) Have Their Own Language

Pick Up Artists (PUA) Have Their Own Language

A pick up artist (PUA) is nothing more than a man who is considered to be skilled at meeting, attracting, and seducing women.

Every culture has its own language and way of looking at the world. For the pickup artist, the language is loaded with abbreviations and acronyms that can be tough to decipher.

For example, would you be able to tell what terms like Kino or Neg mean?

Read on to decipher the often hidden world of the PUA (pickup artist)…

  • 3’s Rule – refers to the three seconds rule. There should be no more than a 3 second lag between your seeing a girl and acting on it.
  • AFC – stands for Average Frustrated Chump (Coined by Ross Jeffries)  and is used to describe an average guy not yet aware of the art of seduction. The average chump who lets women control him and still thinks in terms of ‘dates’.
  • BF – stands for boyfriend, but is also commonly referred to as borefriend.
  • # Close – means to get the girl’s phone number. It’s referred to as the number close. You should only give your number if the girl agrees to an exchange.
  • * Close – means to get a girl to kiss. It’s referred to as the kiss close.
  • Close – means it’s time to go and you need to get either the girl’s phone number, an agreement to meet in the future or a kiss.
  • HB – stand for Honey Bunny (coined by Ross Jeffries in his newsletter). Note: It does not stand for Horny Bitch, Hard Body or Huge Boobs as some mistakenly believe. It can also stand for Hot Babe in common usage though not under Jeffries definition.
  • Kino – based somewhat loosely on the word kinesthetics(a noun meaning  the ability to feel movements of the limbs and body), Kino commonly refers to putting your arm around a girl or touching her on her hands or in other ‘neutral’ places.
  • LJBF – an acronym standing for ‘Let’s Just Be Friends’ which is also known as ‘the treatment’.
  • LTR – an acronym standing for ‘Long Term Relationship’.
  • Mindlist – refers to a mailing list you can get on dealing with NLP and its various applications such as seduction. It’s hosted at
  • Neg – aka  negging, neghits or negative hits. Originally used by Mystery to remove what he calls a “bitch shield”. Remember that it’s a qualifier – not an insult. According to Neil Strauss (one of Mystery’s first students) a neg is, “neither compliment nor insult, a neg is something in between—an accidental insult or backhanded compliment. The purpose of a neg is to lower a woman’s self esteem while actively displaying a lack of interest in her—by telling her she has lipstick on her teeth, for example, or offering her a piece of gum after she speaks.”
  • NLP – is an abbreviation for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.It refers to a technique used to alter unconscious patterns of thoughts and behavior in order to create an unconscious psychological response. Used by the pickup artist to detect and implant certain ‘patterns’ into a girl’s subconscious to remove resistance and create trust.
  • Patterning – using scripts to get women unconsciously aroused by associating postive things in their life with what you’re saying and doing at the moment. Based on NLP.
  • PUA – stands for Pick Up Artist. A guy who has honed the art of picking up girls to a science. Also a guy who picks up girls with a high degree of success.
  • SF – refers to the Usenet newsgroup originally created by Ross Jeffries for the purpose of sharing Speed Seduction and its implementation. (Note: this newsgroup has expanded to become one of the largest places for the discussion of various seduction techniques-but be careful much of it is experimental stuff).
  • SS – stands for Speed Seduction. Created by Ross Jeffries, speed seduction is an NLP technique used to meet and seduce women.
  • SP – stands for self point and means to point to yourself like putting your hands or your stomach, chest or arms. It’s a kind of NLP technique which helps link the point your making with your physical body. (ie “have you ever seen a six pack [while pointing your your own]…”)
  • UG – stands for Ugly Girl. Girls are rated on a scale from 0-10 with 10 being the most beautiful. UG is the opposite of HB above. A UG is usually hanging with the HB and can be an impediment to your success, but a clever pick up artist can use a UG to his advantage.

Now you have some insight into the secret language used by the PUA. In part two we’ll explore  more advanced terms used by the PUA community and some terms used in the dating and dating advice community as well.

You can read that article here: Advanced Terms Used By The Pickup Artist.

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