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Advanced Terms Used By The Pickup Artist

Pick Up Artists (PUA) Have Their Own Language.

Pick Up Artists (PUA) Have Their Own Language.

In our first article we went into the most common terms used by pickup artists (pua). In this article we expand on some of those terms, add some new terms and throw in a couple of not-so-common terms used by pick up artists (pua) and aspiring pick up artists.

Note: not all terms are used exclusively by the PUA community, but you’ll find some of the definitions handy never-the-less.

Advanced Terms Used By The Pickup Artist (PUA)

  • @Close – email close for those virtual relationships.
  • 101 – keeps the HB guessing. Means you’re moving from hot to cold then back again. Being nice then slightly mean or aloof.
  • AI – Approach Invitation. Refers to the often subtle or unconscios body language or action by an HB to get your attention. Can also refer to conscious behaviors of an HB such as hanging you constantly, asking you a generic question, dropping something and so on. Some pickup artists look exclusively for AI’s in order to reduce their cold calling and find an already warm HB.
  • AMOG – Alpha Male Other Guy. Refers to direct competition from another PUA while you’re trying to Close on an HB.
  • Anchor – physical touch creating an NLP situation associating the touch with the emotion the HB is feeling at the moment. See NLP.
  • Anti-AI – Anti Approach Invitation is the opposite of an AI. In an Anti-AI, the HB does everything she can to avoid you. Even going so far as to create a COCKBLOCK situation. You should forget any HB exhibiting Anti-AI behavior.
  • AOTP – Art Of The Pickup.
  • ASD – Anti-Slut Defense. Refers to the guilt especially younger women may feel about having sex too soon in a relationship. Typically putting the blame for the action on the male.
  • ASF / uASF – news group abbreviation.
  • B – Babe.
  • Bitch Shield or Shield – describes a woman’s attempt to ward off the pickup artist.
  • BC or Boot Camp – essentially any ‘meat market’ like clubs, bars, dance clubs etc. Great testing grounds for the AFC to develop skills.
  • CF or C&F– cocky and funny.
  • Cockblock – usually a person who takes your target from you or prevents you from closing with your target or causes your target to lose interest in you.
  • C/B or C&B or Crash and Burn – failure by the pickup artist.
  • DDB – Doggy Dinner Bowl. Used to describe the look on an HB’s face when she’s totally into what you’re saying or doing.
  • EC – Eye contact.
  • FMAC – Find Meet Attract Close. A process used by Mystery.
  • FR – field report. A detailed explanation [story] of what occurred during the pickup attempt(s).
  • GF – girl friend.
  • HC – usually ‘high class’ but can also mean ‘hard core’.
  • HV – high value – ie. situation, target, etc.
  • IOD – indicator of disinterest from the HB.
  • IOI – indicator that the HB is genuinely interested.
  • LDR – Long Distance Relationship.
  • MM – Mystery method. Refers to the method used by the PUA Mystery.
  • MPB – Male Pattern Blindness – the PUA who is completely missing every signal an HB is sending.
  • MPUA – Master Pickup Artist.
  • NRFR – used by women means Not Ready For A Relationship. Similar to LJBF but doesn’t mean she won’t sleep with you.
  • OBSTACLE – anything or any circumstance which could block your chance with the target HB.
  • OQ – Over Qualify – the HB feels like she’s out of her league so she rules herself out because you overwhelm her.
  • PAWN – willing or unwitting participants used by the PUA to provide social proof thus enhancing your status with the HB.
  • Player – pickup artist (PUA)
  • PU = pick up – the art of meeting/attracting/bedding women.
  • Sarge – coined by Ross Jeffries originally. Defined as the act of meeting and picking up women.
  • SHB – Super Hot Babe.
  • SMS – cell phone texting.
  • SO – Significant Other.
  • SS – Speed Seduction.
  • TA – Turn Around – take a LJBF or NRFR situation to a sexual level.
  • Target – the HB you are attempting to close or pickup.
  • UG – Ugly Girl – matter of personal preference.
  • Wing – a buddy who aids in your pickup efforts.

OK that’s it for now. If none of this makes any sense to you, be sure to read our previous article Common Terms For The Pick Up Artist. It will give you a clue or two on how to decipher the basic language of the pickup artist (PUA).

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