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Dating Success Story: Love At First Site

To create your own dating success story take your date to an aquarium.

To create your own dating success story take your date to an aquarium.

Editor’s Note: This dating success story contributed by Sospie

My dating success story began one afternoon after a Campus inter-faculty football game.

At the time I was the games captain on campus and as such it was my duty to make sure all materials and balls ended up in the storeroom.

My friend James had offered to help so he and I remained behind putting away and arranging the game equipments and balls.

“For me, it was love at first sight.”

It happened that James’ girlfriend joined us. She was with her friend Mercy.

For me, it was love at first sight. I instantly knew she was the one. Her elegance and beauty were well beyond what I had imagined for my dream queen.

After a small chat, and as we headed to the store, we ended up parting ways.

Unfortunately, I was so nervous just being around her that I didn’t get the confidence to ask for her contact information.

A few weeks passed before I got to see this girl again but as chance (fate?) would have it, I bumped into her in the college cafeteria.

We had a bit of chitchat and she offered me her number. I was in heaven! It was difficult to pull things at first, but with persuasion from my friend James, I finally got the courage to ask Mercy out on a date.

Unfortunately I was still plenty nervous so I didn’t have any dating ideas or even the remotest idea of  the best place to take her.

Eventually I stopped stressing and decided I would let everything fall into place as it would – let the love gods decide how it would go. So I sent her a text and told her I would pick her up at her place around ten in the morning of the Saturday we were to have our first date.

It was very traumatizing experience for me because I had heard of first dates going very wrong (dating horror stories), which meant if I messed up, this very well could be the first and the last date I had with her.

At First I Thought Lunch And A Movie…

Initially, I had thought of taking her to a nearby spot for lunch, and then later heading over to the movies.

This changed as we had lunch because it was during lunch that she told me of her love for nature. As I listened, I thought to myself, why not take her to an Aquarium a few kilometers from here. (Editor’s Note: See fun and creative date ideas here).

It was also during lunch that I froze up. I was so nervous, I couldn’t think of anything to say and we were silent with each other for some time. I am glad it was during the meal as I secretly hoped she interpreted it as table etiquette.

It was a two-hour drive to the aquarium and it was fun as we talked and laughed throughout the journey.

A few meters from the Aquarium, there’s this cool boutique. Who would have thought window-shopping could be that much fun.

It felt good as she made fun of the how I would look in some of the items in the boutique. At one point, she placed her hand on my shoulder nervously but it felt very natural and comfortable.

Even though there were moments that went a bit wrong, it was never-the-less one of my best dates. The date ended with a kiss and a promise of another date.

From my date with Mercy I learned a few things:

  • Dates are not such a bad idea if one is true to him or herself.
  • I learned the importance of letting your date know you are having a good time. (This makes them feel wanted and appreciated, which increases the chances for a second date.)
  • I learned that it is important to go with the flow.

My date ended taking more time than I had imagined, but it was because we enjoyed each others company so much and I still think she is the one :).

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