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5 Must Know Kissing Techniques For The Beginner

Couple demonstrating kissing techniques

Couple demonstrating kissing techniques.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to our Kissing Techniques contributing author TySeed for this great article.

The first French Kiss is not something one easily forgets.

For some it was a great first time, and for others it was an embarrassing struggle, but either way it was most definitely a memorable experience.

One thing that is universal though, and something that you will learn as you enjoy more experiences with it, is that French kissing is or at least should be an intimate and sensuous experience.

Kissing Techniques Tip #1: Use Your Body

My first tip for men (or anyone kissing a woman) is that for most women, her lips are her #1 erogenous zone.

This is a place where you can leave an impression, and a place where you can plant the seeds in her head that she might want to do something more with you very soon- so proper kissing techniques are important.

That said, some men make the mistake of trying to get their tongue as far into the girl’s mouth as possible.

This is not the objective.

You should explore her mouth with your tongue, but not too forcefully. Don’t aim for the tonsils for goodness sake, instead caress her tongue with yours then surprise her by running your tongue along some of her teeth.

You should know that french kissing is not just about moving your tongue around a woman’s mouth in some sort of prescribed pattern. You’ve got to get your lips, your teeth, and of course your tongue, all in on the act and all working together.

In fact, a proper deep French kiss is something in which your whole body should be involved.

Sure, the tongue and lips are important, but you can’t expect them to do all the heavy lifting.

Press your body up to hers and hold her.

It’s important to let her know that you’re just as into it as she is.

Kissing Techniques Tip #2: What To Do With Your Hands

First base can be a magical place. To make it extra special, use your hands to hold her head and face firmly but softly as you kiss her. Move your tongue into her mouth a little  giving her lips a little sucking attention.

A very light biting/sucking action on her lower lip will bring great pleasure but keep it light, soft and smooth.

Getting your hands into her hair is another great thing to do. Be careful if she’s got an expensive hair styling or spent a lot of time on it though.

To get started, move your fingers through her hair and give it a little tug from behind. Not too hard, just enough to let her know you’re back there.

The area above each ear and the ear lobes can also be quite pleasant to massage lightly.

Kissing Techniques Tip # 3: Follow The Tongue Cues

People kiss in ways that they think will feel good.

As such, the way that she kisses you is going to supply you with some extremely important clues as to how she wants to be kissed herself.

So to provide her with an experience that she’s going to enjoy and remember for all the right reasons, it’s very important that you pay close attention to how she is kissing you. Try your best to give her back something like what she’s giving you – imitate her technique.

If you’re digging deep with your tongue and she’s coyly biting your lip, it’s probably time to pull it back a little.

Kissing Techniques Tip # 4: Don’t Rush

A kiss is something to be enjoyed and savored in and of itself.

Many guys make the mistake of thinking of a kiss as little more than a bridge to more carnal pleasures.

And guess what guys – girls can sense this and hold it against you.

Draw it out – make it last. Enjoy that kiss for the sensual and intimate experience that it is.

Before you know it she’ll be trying to get your clothes off.

Kissing Techniques Tip #5: Don’t Mash – Sweet and Special Is Better

Sometimes when you’re nervous or overly stimulated, you can forget that you’re kissing another human being. So you swoop in trying to appear like you know what you’re doing – trying to avoid embarrassment – and smush/smash! You’re lips mash together like you’re grandmas mashed potatoes leaving lumps, pain, slobber and a red face in its wake.

Don’t rush in.


Sweetly, slowly approach her keeping it intimate and enjoyable. Anticipation is the key.

Soon you’ll be ready for the kissing Olympics :).

Here’s How To Remember The Basics:

KKind Hearted




Kind-hearted sometimes guys can be brutal – after all, they’re guys right? Kind-hearted means you’re thinking about her most of all and not ‘little’ err umm ‘big’ Joe. Treat her like she’s precious, fragile and special.

Intimate means close and personal. A peck on the cheek doesn’t qualify. The kiss you give your grandma doesn’t qualify.

Sweet means subtle, kind, putting her first. Caring about her experience above all else. Showing her that she’s so, so important to you and that her feelings and her experience are important to you.

Special you want this to be a kiss to remember. For her as well as for yourself. So take it slow. Use the techniques you’ve just learned and don’t rush through it or mash through it or drool through it. Show her how you really feel about her.

Kissing Techniques 101

So remember, immerse your whole body in the kiss. Hold her close. Use your hands. Read and respond to her cues, and don’t try to rush things by taking them to the next level.

This last is the most important point.

Stay in the moment, respect her and do not be overly attached to the result.

Kind-hearted, intimate, sweet, and special, rules any other kissing techniques a beginner can start with.

All you need now is to work up the courage 😉

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