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Fabulous and Fun Date Ideas

Fun date ideas around a campfire.

Cuddle by a campfire or tell ghost stories.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with fun date ideas. We all know the usual dinner and a movie or a couple rounds of bowling, but if you are more adventurous you may want to do something more creative and interesting, check out these fun date ideas:

Fun Date Ideas For The Adventurous

One really fun date idea is to plan a day at the park. Grill some hot dogs, lay on a blanket and watch the clouds float by, take a paddle boat ride, then finish it off with a game of Frisbee or hitting a big, bouncy ball on the tennis courts. That’s always good for a few laughs. If the great outdoors is not your cup of tea you might consider a good game of laser tag or paintball. There are several places to do this and you might just have to search the internet for a place in your area. Laser tag would be a lot less physically painful, but if you’re into that kind of thing then go for the paintball.

One of the most fun date ideas is to go to a local festival or fair. A lot of cities have particular festivals for the locally known foods, such as the Peach Festival in Chilton County Alabama, or the Crab Festival in Lacombe, Louisiana.

There are also a lot of music and art festivals such as the Jazz Fest in New Orleans. Just search online and find one in your area. They are great fun and never short on entertainment. Art festivals are great too, and if you are so inclined, you might want to make a date out of actually participating in an arts and crafts show.

Perhaps you make jewelry, or are a painter. Have your date help you set up and sell with you. It’s a wonderful way to spend a day together and you can even split the profits.

Another fantastically fun date idea is a theme park. You can’t go wrong riding roller coasters and eating deep fried junk food on a stick. Take a ride through the tunnel of love to capture a romantic moment and don’t forget the photo booth to have some silly pictures taken as a memento. Take a break from the fun and walking by sitting on a bench and doing some people watching for a while.

Water parks are also endless fun if you prefer to get into your swim suit and get wet. Who doesn’t love a good water slide and a float down a snakeless river on a tube?

If you are the artistic type, perhaps a fun date idea would be to take an art class together. One of those where you bring your own bottle of wine would be perfect. Or visit a vineyard and do a wine tasting.

However, if simple and cheap is more your style, how about a kiddie pool, a beach ball and a 6-pack of beer for a fun evening in the backyard.

Camping on a lake is fun if you and your date are more the outdoor types. Find a state park with a campground and set up camp, roast some weenies and marshmallows over a campfire, make some smores for dessert and cuddle by the crackling fire or take turns telling ghost stories.

There are many fun things for couples to find to do on dates whether you have money to spend or not. The only limit is your imagination.

Editor’s Note: thanks to our contributing author for this article on fun date ideas.

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