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First Date Advice: Everything You Want To Know About A Person Is In The First Date!

First Date Advice: Everything You Want To Know About A Person Is In The First Date!

First Date Advice: Everything You Want To Know About A Person Is In The First Date!

When it comes to first date advice – and this is true whether you’re new to dating or you’ve dated a hundred times – the first date with someone new is the most important date you’ll go on. The truth is that everything you’d ever want to know about that person can come from that first date!


Because the first date is where you can collect all the information you need about the person to figure out what kind of a person you’re dating. And, whether or not a second date is a good idea or a train wreck in the making.

So how do you find out? By asking questions…

Questions To Ask On A First Date

Once you’ve asked someone out, or you’ve accepted someone’s invitation, there are a number of questions you’ll want to find answers for.

Some are as easy as observing, and some will require you to dig a little deeper.

In no particular order:

First Date Advice Question #1: Are you attracted to the person?

Is there a physical attraction there for you? Greasy hair and dirty t-shirt might be attractive to some, but only you can answer what kind of person you’re attracted to. Be sure to think beyond the physical – like emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

First Date Advice Question #2: How kind (nice) is the person?

Observe how your date behaves around other people. Is he or she nice to the waitress, the clerk, the valet, the ticket taker, the merchant? Are they polite and attentive or rude and brusque? How does your date talk to others? What kind of tone is used? Do they tend to ignore people or engage them?

First Date Advice Question #3: What kind of temper does your date have?

This one may not always be easy to answer, but sometimes it’s embarrassingly obvious. Does your date curse at other drivers or flip them off? Is your date impatient with people (servers and helpers especially)? Does your date seem to have a chip on his or her shoulder?

First Date Advice Question #4: Was your date on time picking you up?

How punctual was your date? Did he or she arrive in time to make a reservation? Does he or she seem organized? Did your date call you to let you know he or she was running late and did they arrive promptly at the new time? How organized is he/she?

First Date Advice Question #5: Is your date 35 and still living at home?

Does your date have his or her own place or share a place with roommates? Does your date live with his or her parents? Does your date live with and care for a single parent? Does your date live with an ex girlfriend or boyfriend or an ex-spouse? Your date’s living situation can tell you a lot about your date.

First Date Advice Question #6: Does your date take an active interest in you?

Has your date asked anything about you, or does he or she have a bad case of verbal diarrhea about themselves? Is your date seem genuinely interested in you, or does he or she prattle on endlessly about their job or their day or their life or their likes or their desires?

First Date Advice Question #7: Does your date look you in the eye when talking to you?

Most honest people will look you in the eye when talking to you, but be careful as that’s considered rude in some cultures. Watch for other tell tale signs of lying such as higher pitched voice, nose rubbing, mouth covering, stiffness in the body or face, nostril flare, tighter lips, break in eye contact and so on. Women often lie to make others feel good while men lie to make themselves look good.

First Date Advice Question #8: What does your date’s car look like?

Inside is it clean or cluttered? Is it spewing white or blue smoke out the back and backfiring endlessly, or is it clean, warm, and comfortable? Are you embarrassed to be seen in the car? Is it filthy or clean on the outside? What kind of body work does it need (no dents, a few dents, lots of dents, just have it towed?)

First Date Advice Question #9: Is your date tearing people down during the course of the date?

Does he or she put people down in general? What about that ex boyfriend or girlfriend or that ex wife or husband? Does your date bad mouth a roommate, parents, the server, the busboy or anyone at all?

First Date Advice Question #11: Does your date have a job?

It’s not enough to ask if your date has a source of income (though you may want to know before the date so you don’t get stuck with the check) because welfare and food stamps technically count as income. Find out what kind of job it is, how long they’ve been there and whether or not they like it. Do they whine and complain about it? If they don’t have a job, how did they lose their last one? Fired? Laid off? Quit?

First Date Advice Question #21: Does your date have minor children they’re supporting?

How many ex-spouses does your date have and how many minor children is he or she supporting (or should be supporting but isn’t). What are their parental responsibilities?

First Date Advice Question #13: Does your date constantly make anti-American or anti-_____ remarks?

Does your date make any anti group, race, religion, gender, preference, age etc. remarks? Does your date seem to have a strong prejudice against anyone or any group of people?

First Date Advice Question #14: Does your date like animals?

What kind of animals does your date have? What kind of animals did they grow up with? What kind of animals doesn’t he or she like and why?

So How Do These First Date Advice Questions Really Help?

All of these questions are important and will help you to identify personality traits and characteristics that might be date or even relationship deal breakers. And you’ve probably got a few of your own.

For example, if your date is unemployed and they quit that job because their boss upset them, you know the person has a short temper and may not think things through.

If your date is rude to the waitress or the ticket taker, it’s not much of a stretch to believe that he or she may have gender issues, or may consider that person beneath them. If they’re also divorced, it’s also not much of a stretch to assume they treated their ex the same way.

If your date talks endlessly about his or her self and takes no interest in you or your interests, you can safely assume they have an agenda for the date that doesn’t include your mind – or perhaps you at all.

If your date has minor children but isn’t supporting them, you have to ask yourself what kind of human being treats children like that?

If your date displays a temper while driving, or toward other people, it’s only a matter of time before verbal abuse becomes physical.

If your date has a crappy, dented or cluttered car, or dresses poorly, self-esteem issues and neediness are lurking in the wings.

And it should go without saying that if your date disparages any race, group, religion or affiliation – run.

Everything You Want To Know About A Person Is In The First Date

You can learn a lifetime of habits, traits, and experiences on the first date if you simply ask the right questions and pay attention to the answers.

Share some of your first date questions with us in the comments section below.

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