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First Date Advice: 5 Conversation Starters

First Date Advice Tip: Ask her "what if?..." to get the date conversation started.

First Date Advice Tip: Play "What if" games to get the conversation started.

First Date Advice: Imagine being on a first date – both of you looking and feeling great, but there’s something wrong…a deafening silence falls over the magical event like a blanket of fog because neither of you can think of a way to start the conversation.

Brrrr makes me shudder. So we’ve got some first date advice for you…

In the interest of preventing hypothermia and panic from setting in, here are five first date advice conversation starters guaranteed to get the ball rolling:

First Date Advice Conversation Starter #1:

Ask your date about the most amazing moment in her life then listen and show genuine interest.

First Date Advice Conversation Starter #2:

Ask what the silliest thing your date ever did was. It’s best to ask then launch right into the silliest thing you’ve ever done to put them at ease. Or simply wait until your date is done and volunteer your silliest thing. You can follow it with most embarrassing thing, things your date wishes she’d never done, things she wants to do some day and so on. Get creative!

First Date Advice Conversation Starter #3:

Forget current events, politics, news and so forth. Not only is it guaranteed to bring the mood down, but the silence will only get worse when you run out of these awkward topics. And besides, you’re probably not only boring the crap out of your date, but there’s no sense in antagonizing your date with potentially opposite opinions before you even get to know her. Instead ask her what her idea of the perfect date is. You’ll get some good feedback for next time, and you can gauge how well you’re doing during the current date.

First Date Advice Conversation Starter #4:

Tell your date, “every one’s good at something…what are you good at?” Then ask questions about it – even if you already know the answers – play dumb – let her talk – let her show off a bit.

First Date Advice Conversation Starter #5:

Play what-if with your date. Make up something like, “What if you could have any super power in the world. What would you choose?” Or, “What if you could turn invisible, where would you go – what would you do?” Or, “what if you got a chance to ride the space shuttle. Would you do it?” Or, “what if you had a chance to sail around the world? Where would you go first?” Or, “What if UFO’s were real? Would you want to meet a being from another world?” Or, “What if everyone…” Get the idea? Feel free to steal any of these or make up your own. Get creative but don’t get raunchy, creepy or crude.

If you’ve run through all five of these dating tips conversation starters above and you still can’t think of a way to get a conversation started, this tongue-in-cheek video may give you more ideas…

When you’re done with that be sure to read this bit of dating advice on what NOT to do Dating And Your Life Story.

Hilarious Conversation Starters

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