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Dating Success Story: After The Game

Dating Success Story: After The Game

Dating Success Story: After The Game

This dating success story brought to you by: lngriffin

OK. I’m excited to tell you about one of the most successful dates I ever went on. My dating success story happened about two years ago.

Here’s what happened.

I went to a Super bowl watch party with a few girlfriends. My luck with guys up to that point had been on a downward spiral. Thus my interest in meeting someone new was zero.

As I was screaming after a touch down, I turn to my left responding to a tap on my shoulder. To my surprise, there was this tall, handsome, clean cut, guy who smelled really good. He had a huge smile on his face which could only be him stifling an outright laugh at the level of excitement I was experiencing as a result of the touch down.

He asked me what I was drinking and politely asked if he could get me another drink. I was very pleased to accept his offer.

The night carried on and we talked about an endless array of things. He was so interesting, full of travel stories, work stories, friend stories – I mean, very easy to talk to.

We talked about an endless array of things…

OK, so it’s 3 hours later and the party is over. He appeared pretty disappointed as we had to wind down our conversation and go our separate ways.

I sort of lingered, hoping he would ask for my phone number. Keep in mind that it was still relatively early in the evening.

The party ended about 11p.m, but instead of asking for my number, he asked if I would join him for breakfast at the local breakfast café.

I was only slightly hesitant because that’s just how I am. I took a minute to answer, but I was all in. It had been a while since I’ve taken such a risk, so what the heck.

I felt more comfortable heading for the café in separate cars, so I followed him.

He got there first, and as I parked, he greeted me at my car, opened my door, and helped me out. Chivalry was definitely not dead here. We went into the café and sat across from each other. As it seemed as if we’d known each other much longer than a single evening, we naturally picked up our conversation where we had left off.

Keep in mind, this café was 24 hours. We talked forever. At one point, I took a peek outside and noticed the color of the sky beginning to change. It was about 5:30a.m. We were both having such an amazing time, we had talked the night away in that booth.

He noticed me gazing outside and apologized for keeping me out so late. It was cute, so I apologized for doing the same. He then suggested it was time we go home, but did not allow me to leave without finally asking for my phone number and asking to meet me later for dinner.

Again, I accepted his invitation.

To this day, he and I are happy talking endlessly over water, soda, or a casual meal. He’s my best friend and we plan to take that dreaded next step in our relationship. I hope it doesn’t change things.

So what did I learn from my experience?

I learned that it’s difficult to meet someone when you’re always at home. I learned to get out more and find places where I could be around people with whom had something in common – sports!

I also learned not to automatically brush someone off during that initial meet. And I learned that even though my experience with guys up to that point had not been the best, there were still some worth getting out of the house for.

It was one of the best choices I’ve made in a very long time.

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