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How To Make Him Want You

Dating Secrets: How To Make Him Want You

Dating Secrets: How To Make Him Want You

OK so you’ve met what seems to be a really great guy, you ran a background check on him and he passed with flying colors, he’s got money, he’s a looker, he’s sensitive and intelligent, he’s a great communicator and ladies man, but he’s not showing you much interest.

So you’re thinking to yourself, “what do I have to do to make this guy want/notice/like me?”

Well you’re in luck!

Presenting the Dating Advice Tips And Secrets Ultra Secret Guide: “How To Make Him Want You In 6 Easy Steps. Guaranteed!”.

OK not really, but here are some great tips and secrets that will get you closer to your goal:

Dating Secrets Tip #1:  “Don’t bother if the chemistry and interest isn’t there”

This might seem a bit harsh, but the reality is that you can work hard to get him to want you, and you may even become best friends, but if there’s no chemistry, the first gal who comes along, with whom he does have chemistry, is going to snatch him away from you faster than a Ferrari in a frog jumping contest. There’s got to be at least a little chemistry on both sides or don’t bother.

Dating Secrets Tip #2:  “Be a good listener and don’t judge”

OK the kissing is great, the intimate moments are rocking your world and he’s got more than half a brain, but the relationship just doesn’t seem to be moving forward.

First of all remember that building a caring, loving, and nurturing relationship takes time.

So start by being a good listener. Don’t judge or pull him out too much. Let him do the talking. Ask a question every now and then. And for goodness sakes, remember what he says so you can pull it out later to show him you really were paying attention. At the very least you’ll learn more about him.

Dating Secrets Tip #3:  “Touch him and make eye contact”

We’re not talking sex here, but we are talking both casual and intimate touching which includes eye contact. And make sure you don’t have that ‘needy deer in the headlights’ look plastered all over your face as your eyes meet.  Touching while asking a question will raise the conversation to a more intimate level.

Dating Secrets Tip #5:  “Always look nice and compliment him – be a good sandwich”

OK the ego on some guys could fill the Grand Canyon, but find something to compliment him about anyway. Even if you have to reach for it. And don’t be shy about looking good. It’s all fine and dandy to want him to like you for who you are, but you’ve got to think of yourself like a fast food sandwich.

When you look at the picture on the menu, the sandwich looks all yummy and nice and attractive and you can’t wait to order one right? Unfortunately, the sandwich you get delivered and the sandwich you ordered aren’t always the same.

Same with your man, if all he gets  to see is the delivered sandwich and he never gets to see the sandwich on the menu, it probably won’t go to well for you. So do your best to look nice, but don’t over do it either. Don’t make him feel like he’s not looking his best.

Dating Secrets Tip #5:  “Let him know you’re interested but don’t be needy”

If you never ask him questions, or ask him out, or compliment him, or take an interest in the things, people, and places he likes, he’s gonna think you’re not interested in him.

Once you arrive at that point, you’ll devolve to the status of ‘casual relationship’ to pull out of his little black book when nothing more appealing is available.

On the other hand if you’re hanging all over him and saying things like, “Oh ya I looovvveeee  this and I loooovvveeee that too” he’s gonna know you’re full of it. Not even his best friend likes everything he does.

Dating Secrets Tip #6:  “Feel good about yourself and take the initiative”

What ever happens, he’s just a guy and last count there were like 2 billion of them in the world. Truth is you’re probably going to out live him anyway, so feel good about yourself. Take pride in your looks whatever they are. Celebrate your own personality and interests. There IS a guy for you, it’s just a matter of finding him.

I once asked a clerk at a convenience store what his job was like. Without missing a beat he said to me, “Shit.” I looked at him and replied with a question, “Shit?” He said yes, “I’m either putting shit on shelves, cleaning up shit or putting up with the shit that comes out of someone’s mouth.”

Until you find the right guy, dating is a lot like this clerk’s job.

So even if you want this guy, he may not be the right guy for you. So why wait? Take some initiative. Call him, but don’t be needy, suggest romantic dates or fun dates you both might be interested in. The more time he spends with you, the sooner he’ll either see what a lovely person you are and grow closer, or he’ll drop you like yesterdays newspaper.

Have enough self respect to be OK with either outcome.

Plenty More Where That Came From

So you’re gonna find all kinds of other advice about how to make him want you. Some people will say, “Play hard to get”, others will say “You’ve got to inflate his ego”, while still others will chide, “Be spontaneous”.

What it really comes down to is this:

  • There must be at least some chemistry
  • You must take an active interest in what he does and what he likes
  • You must be a good listener and show him you care
  • Show interest but don’t be needy
  • Respect yourself and feel good about who/how/what you are and let that shine
  • Take some action – don’t wait for him to make all the moves
  • The more time you spend with him the better your chances, but don’t smother him.

Some marriages last for decades, not because there’s an undying passionate love at the root, but because they got comfortable with each other and the simple reality is that people hate change.

So take advantage of this basic human characteristic by spending time. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll go from having him want you to having him need you in his life.

Remember don’t be the sandwich, be the menu item version of the sandwich – inside and out!

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