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Dating Secrets: The 12 Lies All Women Tell

Dating Secrets: The 12 Lies All Women Tell

Dating Secrets: The 12 Lies All Women Tell

It’s not one of the world’s greatest dating secrets that some people are more honest than others.

Why are some daters more truthful with their partner while others strive to deceive their partner at nearly every turn?

Perhaps because they want to avoid embarrassment, or their self-esteem is low, or their life is so dull they have to make something up to fill the void. Perhaps there are trust issues or maybe they don’t want to hurt you. Who knows?

Never-the-less a lie is a lie and lies told by women are like the bait they set their hooks with when they go fishing for a man. So here are our top 12 lies told by women to the men of their dreams…

Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Women #1:

“You’re perfect just the way you are. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Let’s face it, women live to shape, mold and change their men into their own version of perfection. And no man can escape their clutches.  It usually involves pushing their man to earn more money so they can go out and spend it. Be warned: they might think you’re perfect now, but they can’t wait until after the honeymoon to start tearing you down and rebuilding you from scratch.

Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Women #2:

“You’re right I’m wrong.”

This is a lie told just to shut you up. They know you’re wrong – they will bide their time and wait for you to come around and apologize. They don’t like to argue, so to shut you up they will tell you that you’re right – even when you both know you aren’t.

Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Women #3:

“Nothing is wrong I’m fine.”

This one’s easy to spot. She’s obviously upset about something. She wants to talk about it but not until you figure out what she’s talking about. The truth is that she expects you to magically divine what’s wrong and comfort her. If you can’t figure it out, she gets even more upset, believing that this new tactic will somehow make you see the light when all it really does is confuse you further.

Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Women #4:

“I love watching sports as much as you do.”

This one is also easy to spot. Though she may sit and watch the game with you on a regular basis, you’ll find that she’s always doing something else at the same time. If she’s good, she’ll even know the names of the teams and be able to keep track of the score. Truth is she’d rather be doing something else – anything else, but she’s stuck there trying to share your interests and show a little support so she can keep you at home instead of out with the boys.

Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Women #5:

“It’s OK to invite your friends over. I like spending time with them.”

You know your friends. They are the best bunch of guys you know right? They know and love you for who you really are. But as we’ve seen in lie #1 change is coming and it usually wants to pick on your friends first. Granted part of that is because your friends pick on her, but a lot of it is just plain envy. She wants you to like her as much as you like your friends. She wants you to feel like you can tell her anything – just like you tell your friends. She wants to hang-out with you and have a good time – just like you do with your friends. In other words, she wants to be your ONLY friend. The only reason she would even consider spending time with your friends in real life is to scope them out – see what they’ve got that she hasn’t got – check out the competition so-to-speak.

Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Women #6:

“I love your family. They’re so adorable.”

Do you really believe that she wants to spend time with people who think she isn’t good enough for you? Let’s face it, your family just wants what’s best for you – they love you and just want to protect you. So she has to isolate you from your family as much as possible. That means spending time with your family – only when it’s absolutely necessary – and spending more time with her family.

Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Women #7:

“It doesn’t matter how much money you make. I love you for who you are.”

Women want a future with no financial problems and all the cash they can spend. If she truly doesn’t care about your bank account you might have a keeper, otherwise don’t believe this lie even if your life depends on it – because your financial life certainly will.

Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Women #8:

“It’s OK to look at other women – just don’t touch.”

In what universe would you believe that this is true? In the first place, this is one of those things that’s simply too good to be true, and secondly, you will never hear the end of her comments after she catches you looking at another woman. “I hope my butt isn’t as big as that blonde’s you were staring at today” or “I’m pretty sure the boobs on that brunette you were checking out at the restaurant are fake.”

Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Women #9:

“Not now I have a headache.”

Really? You fell for this one?

Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Women #10:

“That’s OK it happens to everyone.”

Now it’s your turn to be worried. Instead of saying what she’s really thinking, “You don’t love me anymore I’m not attractive to you any more,” she just says, “that’s OK it happens to everyone.” Regardless of what the problem really is (stress, work, the bills etc) you’ve now got a real problem trying to convince her that you aren’t seeing someone else – that you still find her attractive – that you still love her. Good luck with that.

Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Women #11:

“You were great in bed.”

Because she doesn’t want to cut you down where you live, she’s not going to tell you if she’s had better. She’s not even going to tell you the truth about whether or not it was any good for her. She IS going to tell you what you want to hear however. But when her friends come around watch out – it’s another story altogether.

Dating Secrets – Lies Told By Women #12:

(The #1 biggest and most common lie told by women)

“That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

Enough said.

Have You Heard Any Of These?

So if your lady friend uses any of these lies on you, you’ll now know better and be prepared.

But at the end of the day it isn’t their words that count so much, it’s their actions.

Do you feel loved? Do you love her?

That’s what’s really important, not the little white lies we tell each other day in and day out.

Share the lies your woman has told you with our readers in the comment section below this Dating Secrets article.

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