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Dating Horror Story: Showing Skin Can Cause Double Dipping

Dating Horror Story Double Dipping

Dating Horror Story Double Dipping

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Mercy Smallz for her Dating Horror Story.

After reading my dating horror story you can probably guess where I spend most of my time – online.

So I’m not really much of an extrovert.

In spite of it all I do have my fair bit of dating experience – mostly online dating – but I recently decided to face my fears of dating flesh and blood.

You know, get to know what dating in real life is all about.

Unfortunately, my experience turned out to be one of those stories that perfectly fit your dating horror stories category.

He Is Always Checking Me Out

So there’s this guy at the coffee shop I go to who is always checking me out. While I ignore his advances and funny stares, I kinda like his curly hair and tanned skin.

Let’s just say I would have already bagged the dude if he worked in a bank or a bigger corporate firm.

As fate would have it though, I bumped into the guy at a friend’s party and there was no avoiding him.

I guess the alcohol got the better of me because I gave him my number and actually told him I liked him!

A Flesh And Blood Date

What’s worse is that I set up a date with him. Yeah, alcohol is not your friend.

Even though he was just a coffee guy, I still wanted to blow his mind. And what better way to do that than by showing some skin and looking irresistible?

Not that I wanted to get him into bed or anything, I really just wanted him to know what goodies lie underneath the covers if you know what I mean.

The date was set for a Friday evening and I dodged work early to get my hair done.

I didn’t need to shop for anything as I already had the perfect outfit set for the date. A cute sleeveless top and a short tight pencil skirt. I figured some low ankle boots would finish off the look quite nicely and save me the back pain if the guy turned out to be a “dance-a-holic.”

My Date Arrives In A Cab

So I’m having one last stare at my mirror when Theo (the coffee guy) shows up at my door and says a cab is waiting outside. We could have taken my car but what the hell, it never killed anyone to take a cab for a date.

From the way Theo kept missing his words and stuttering, you could tell that my outfit was definitely working its magic.

So we’re riding to the restaurant and I’m struggling to make sense of Theo’s stutters and mumbles when he suddenly dips his hands right into my top.

I was stunned.

For a moment I didn’t know quite how to respond so I just sat there staring at his grubby hands in disgust.

“Just who do you think your are!” I finally yelled at him while pushing him away.

What was even more unexpected was the surprised look on his face. He just sat there like it was somehow his obligation to touch my boobs.

You can already guess how awkward the rest of the ride to the restaurant was.

A Classy Lounge

As if having a hand drilled down my top wasn’t enough, turns out the restaurant we were going to was one of those classy lounges. Not really the kind of place you go with a tight little skirt and a top with a diving neck line – unless you want to put a few extra dollars in your pocket that is.

I struggled through the dinner conversation and left as early as I could.

My date had obviously turned into one of those dating horror stories – all thanks to my poor fashion sense.

I guess it wasn’t really his fault. Guys will be guys. And with Theo thinking I was an easy to get chic what with my outfit showing a bit too much, I learned a valuable lesson that night.

Oh well, still plenty of fish in the sea – just gotta update my profile a bit.

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