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Dating Horror Story: Crash And Burn

Dating Horror Story Crash and Burn

Dating Horror Story Crash and Burn

Editor’s Note: this doosey of a Dating Horror Story comes from our friend JKalyonge.

I’ve heard several dating horror stories in my time, but I only thought they happened to other people or were made up. Surely they couldn’t and wouldn’t happen to me…

I never dreamed I would be part of one until earlier this month.

You see, my cousin likes to do a bit of matchmaking, so when she said that she could hook me up with one of her male friends I was ecstatic.

Her friend was the kind of guy that every girl drools over. In fact, I’ve had my eye on him – like all the other girls – for quite a while, so I couldn’t believe my great fortune when my cousin told me that he was actually single.

That said,  I was still a little skeptical. I mean it’s hard to believe that a guy that handsome could be single.

So I began to go through a list of reasons in my head why he might be single.

I heard this little voice in my head saying that maybe he was gay, or maybe he had crooked teeth, or something was completely wrong about him.

In fact I almost talked myself out of going on a date with him.

In looking back, I wish I had. While there was nothing physically wrong with him, well, you’ll see…

My Cousin Sets Us Up

Feeling like cupid, my cousin decided to set us up on a Friday night date.

From a girl’s point of view you have to understand that there are certain things that go through our minds when we know we’re going out on a date with a guy we’ve been eyeing for a while.

Things like, “Will he like me?” “What do I wear?” “What do I say?” “What if he doesn’t show up?” You get the idea.

So I was a little nervous when my cousin’s friend called that Friday morning to confirm our date that night.

But he actually put me at ease when he called and I remember thinking how well mannered he was.

Even so, I felt relaxed and nervous all at the same time. I was relaxed because I knew that he would show up for the date, and nervous that I was going out with a hot guy I was pretty attracted to.

He picked me up at seven that evening and we headed to his favorite restaurant. It was a short distance from my home to the restaurant so we were there in just a few minutes.

He looked great and smelled nice.

Once inside the restaurant, he even pulled out the chair for me. This was pretty impressive, but little did I know that at that moment I had entered the gates of dating hell.

We had barely sat down and he was already on his phone making calls.

At first I ignored it, but after the second and third call I began to wonder if I was being punked! I half expected my cousin to jump out of no where and yell “gotcha!”

It’s hard to believe that someone could be so rude – especially on a first date.

Just when I thought he couldn’t make things any worse, he started to drone on and on about his job and how much money he would lose if he didn’t close all these business deals that he had.

And get this, when it came time to order – even after specifically saying that I was a vegetarian – he went ahead and ordered a steak for me while muttering something about women thinking they know what’s best for them when it’s the men who know best.


Not only was this guy a total jerk, but things heated up when he began coming on to me way too sexually instead of doing the usual harmless flirting that people do on a first date.

And it got worse and worse. I just wanted to head for the restroom then slip out the back.

And thank goodness I had carried some extra money with me, otherwise I don’t know how I would have paid for my share of the bill since he insisted we split it in half!

I went home feeling duped and degraded.

I’m still pretty mad at my cousin and haven’t talked to her since. But at least now I know why he was single.

And even though I didn’t want it,  I’ve now got my own dating horror story to tell my friends.  And I’m definitely going to listen to that little voice in my head next time.

Editor’s Note: Wow. Learn from this guys mistakes and share your dating horror story with our readers.

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