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Dating Horror Story: Blind Dates…Third Time Is A Charm?!

Dating Horror Story Blind Date

Dating Horror Story Blind Date

This Dating Horror Story brought to you by Marisaupa…

When I was in college my best friend at the time set me up with a person that she claimed was perfect for me.

I had been rather busy at the time as I had just started a new job while still continuing with school.  So I had not dated for a few months.

In a way it was a relief to get the chance to go out again on a date – the excitement of deciding what to wear, getting really dressed up, the anticipation of how we’ll hit it off – all that stuff.

Well I had heard horror stories about blind dates from other people and I had even gone out on a couple of blind dates in the past myself. And though they hadn’t turned into anything serious, they were nothing to be traumatized about either. Both guys had been really nice but simply not my type. So I figured what could possibly go wrong? After all, it was my best friend that was setting me up. She knows me, right?

My Prince Was Late

Oh, boy! What didn’t go wrong that night? First, I started to get a little nervous as the time came for him to pick me up. The shoes that I had wanted to wear with my outfit for that night belonged to another friend. She had promised to lend them to me, but she forget. Anyway, I was getting a bit tense. My “Prince Charming” was supposed to arrive at 7 pm. That time came and went. So too did 7:30, 8:00.. and still no prince and no call. Was I being stood up?

By now, I was teetering between sadness and anger. Then, at 8:27 pm  (yes, the exact time is burned into my brain) my doorbell rang. It was him. OK, I composed myself, maybe he had a flat tire, right? After a quick glance in the mirror, I answered the door.

You will not believe what I saw. I swear at first I thought this was some sort of joke. In front of me was this guy – probably 35 – definitely a lot older than me as I was 20 at the time.

His dress style was, how can I say this, a bit unkempt. His shirt had the signs of a poor ironing job with creases where there shouldn’t be creases. His pants looked like they had never been pressed yet worn several times. His shoes were a little dusty, definitely not shined. Nothing out of GQ magazine believe me.

I Kept My Cool

“Don’t judge someone simply by their appearance,” I told myself.

Under this type of situation I figured we would shake hands as we first met. Well he had a different idea. As I stretched out my hand he leaned in and placed a sloppy kiss on my lips!

Urgghh! I still remember that his breath smelled of cigarettes and mouth wash. Did he rinse his mouth with mouthwash on the sidewalk, I asked myself. Obviously, things were going from bad to worse.

Keeping my cool, we arrived at the restaurant where he had planned for us to have dinner. Now you know that a place doesn’t have to be fancy to have charm, but this place… I could not believe it!

It was a small hole-in-the-wall located in a strip mall. The mall and the restaurant seemed like they dated from the early 1970’s. The restaurant – think soup kitchen – had something like 4 tables total. It was primarily a takeout place. The menu consisted of Papusas, a Salvadoran version of a fried taco or Tostada. (They’re surprisingly good actually, but come on, they’re not the sort of thing you expect on a first date.)

Then The Night Got Worse

I figured that since everything else was going OK this could be overlooked. Boy was I wrong.

He started talking and didn’t stop. He kept talking about his business reselling used computer parts. How he wasa self-made man, this and that… just on and on.

The only time he directed the conversation toward me was when he asked about my computer office skills. Oh and once when he made crude comments about how my appearance was, “provoking the lion in him.” Gross, right? I couldn’t figure out if he was trying to get me into bed or interviewing me for a job. We certainly weren’t having much of a date!

Afterwards, we went to the movies. To avoid any further unpleasantness I claimed to be feeling ill (probably something I caught from that horrible first kiss) and he dropped me off at my apartment. Needless to say, I got out of the car without giving him a chance to open the door for me – much less walk me to my door. A simple handshake goodnight, no nasty kiss this time and… it was over.

Thank goodness!

How did it happen you ask?

It seems that my friend had never even met this guy before. It was a friend of her brother-in-law!

No way! Somehow my friend thought that if her sister said it was OK, her brother-in-law’s opinion as a matchmaker was good.

So here’s my advice: if you get fixed up on a blind date even if it’s by your best friend, don’t assume that they have met the person. And always ask, “Do you know this guy?” before making a commitment.

In spite of that little incident,  and even though twelve years have passed my friend and I are still close. But whenever I get the chance I don’t hesitate to remind her of the misery she put me through that night.

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