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PUA: Dealing with Girls Who Know You’re a Player

PUA: Dealing With Girls Who Know You're A Player

PUA: Dealing With Girls Who Know You’re A Player

Editor’s Note: this article for the PUA courtesy of guest author LifeStyleGod

Picture this. You’re talking to a hot girl. Things are going great. She seems to like you and the vibe is amazing. Until out of the blue, she pops a question that completely flips the script on you:

“Are you a player?”

This question comes in many different forms, such as…

“Do you tell this line to all the girls?”


“Are you using those pick-up tactics on me?”

or even

“Oh, you’re one of those guys…” (that’s not even a question!)

She might even continue to say:

“I’m not that easy, you know. I’m not one of those girls.”

Let’s get one thing straight: if she asks you these types of questions, you’re in fact on the right track. The hardest women to seduce are those who are indifferent. But if they’re asking you questions, it means they’re definitely interested.

Here’s What They Really Mean

“I get that you’re good but I bet you’re doing this with all the girls. Most of them are probably falling so what are those intentions? Are you just trying to get into my panties and then ditch me? Are you one of those players that I sometimes come across who have no identity and use pick-up lines?”

If THIS is what they’re thinking, you’re definitely on the right track. For one, it’s obvious she knows you’re good. Because she feels attraction for you and, once you got that going, all you have to do is not screw things up.

Second, they’re giving you a chance to tell them you’re better than most guys. That’s right, to TELL them not to prove it. There’s no way you can prove you’ll be faithful, they just need to know that you’re not going to make them feel bad the next morning. They need to feel you care about them.

What If There’s No Attraction (yet)?

Some of the times they’ll pop the question before you can actually get their full attention. If this is the case, they’re probably sick of most men for whatever reason and they won’t hesitate to turn their back on you. They are not testing you… they’re serious. And so should you.

So, in this case, if you’re not stepping up your game, they’re gonna think you’re too much of a nice guy and you’re gonna lose them.

It’s obvious they’re making a big deal out of it and so should you. The way out is to overreact. You can’t conceive to actually “play with girls”. You’re just not that type of guy. In fact, you can’t stand those guys who lie and cheat, they make men everywhere look bad and sabotage your own chances of getting a nice girl.

See what I’m doing here? It’s all about “dimensionalizing”. You need to paint a vivid picture to her and be as convincing as possible.

Even better, if you can neg them at the same time, they’ll feel you’re actually worried that THEY might be the ones looking for players… and they’ll feel an instinctive need to prove you wrong. The last thing they want is to look like sluts, right?

 If She’s Already Attracted…

More often than not you’ll get asked whether you’re a player as a “test”. She’s trying to shake up your confidence. In this case, you can give her pretty much any answer you want, as long as you don’t come across as insecure. You can tell her…

“Yeah, I’m a player all right. I’m here to make you laugh, fall in love with me, give you a few weeks that you’ll never forget, then stomp on your little heart. Hahah. Ok, seriously now, all of it is true except for that last part.”

You did a couple of things here. First off, you showed her you’re not in just for a one night stand by telling her you’ll give her “a few weeks”. Second, you dismiss her fears by stating that you will indeed meet her worst fear, only to say you’re joking right after.

This is way better than just saying no. It shows you understand her fear and can cope with it.

Now, this won’t work on just any type of girl. If she’s the shy type, even if she’s in to you, this might be a turn off. Not a deal breaker but still. These girls are looking for relationships only so, unless you’re really confident you can make fun of her being afraid of one night stands, try something saying something like this:

“Yeah I confess I’m crazy about beautiful women… but I’m only looking for those with which I can have a little more than just a sleazy one night stand.”

Increasing Your PUA Skills…

You don’t have to learn these lines word for word. In fact, I discourage you from doing that. Just make sure you know WHAT you want to say, then spend a few minutes trying to come up with something you feel congruent saying. Each of us have our own vocabulary and using your own words is the best way to send a powerful message, one that will convince a girl to choose you over some other pick-up artists that will just admit he only wants sex.

Good luck,

The Lifestyle God

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