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A Couple Depicting Dating Advice Tips You Can Use Right Away

Dating Advice Tips You Can Use Right Away

If you’re looking for dating advice tips consider how the Internet has completely revolutionized dating. It’s no longer necessary to visit endless clubs, bars and other ‘meat racks’ to find the date of your dreams. You can do it all with minimal effort from the comfort of your own home.

Finding A Safe Dating Site

First you should find a dating website which is reputable. You’ll find a selection of them on this website: Best Dating Sites.

Take your time to study the profiles you’ll find there. You’ll soon get a feeling for the type of people that frequent the site.  Don’t let the photographs distract you – look for the person behind the profile. Do they share common interests, a sense of humor, similar likes and dislikes?

What To Do

If you find someone who looks like a good match, send them an email or message. Be brief but sweet (not needy or creepy) and humorous. Laughter is a great way to get the other person to open up and think of us in a good light. State your common interests and ask for a reply.

Don’t be so shallow as to tell the person you’re writing because of what they look like. After all, would you rather someone was interested in you for who you are or for what you look like? Hmmmm? Answer honestly now.

When it comes time to meet, do so in a neutral location and at a time that is convenient for both of you. Nature can provide a great backdrop. A park, shoreline or recreation area can be just the ticket. Likewise, meeting for coffee or a light lunch will do just as well. Dress casually and act relaxed.

When it comes to conversation on the date, be sure to listen to what they say and ask questions to show your interest. you’ll make them happy if you can remember little things later on so don’t space out while listening.

Also be aware of your body language. Maintaining eye contact can be powerful, but don’t over do it. And don’t be afraid to disagree with their comments now and then. Just be yourself. Lying to your date is the best way to end a relationship before it starts.

And don’t spend a lot of time talking about y9urself. Leave conversation room for another date, but give them a sense of who you are – what you believe in. You don’t want to be three or four dates down the road only to discover you’ve got nothing in common with this individual.

But most of all, relax and have fun! That’s what dating is all about =)

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