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Dating News Latest Findings: Date Someone Who Looks Like You

Dating News Latest Findings: Date Someone Who Looks Like You

Dating News Latest Findings: Date Someone Who Looks Like You

As dating news goes, dating yourself is a relatively new concept.

In the past for example, some psychologists believed that women tend to date men who most remind them of their fathers, and that men tend to date women who most remind them of their mothers. But dating someone who most reminds you of yourself just isn’t covered in the text books…

Dating News: New Dating Website Relies On Facial Recognition Software

A brand new dating site incorporates scientific evidence that attraction is based on choosing partners who have facial features most similar to our own.

Founder Christina Bloom believes that of all the possible mates we could choose from, choosing those with facial features matching our own creates a greater chance for chemistry.

“We are using technology to restore classic romance and excitement to dating in our time,” explains founder Christina Bloom. “When chemistry exists from the start, two people can slowly and gradually discover whether their personal styles and values will mesh for the long term. That’s a time honored courtship model that predates the internet dating phenomenon. Remember when serendipity connected two faces across a crowded room?”

Why Leave Love To Chance?

A chance encounter on some random dating site may not be enough to build a lasting relationship. Just look at how many relationships fail that started on traditional dating and introduction sites.

Bloom believes that it’s time to give fate a helping hand. “We’re here to give couples a running start towards finding love. Whether they click in terms of personal styles and values, and will ultimately remain compatible is up to them,” she says.

It all began for Bloom some 20 years ago when she realized that the man she was dating kind of looked like her. “I wasn’t aware at first, but our facial features were so similar that we were constantly told we looked like brother and sister,” she says.

When she began to notice the same thing about family and friends, and even some celebrity couples, she did some further research and ended up founding

Three Seconds Is All You Need

On the surface, Bloom’s idea seems to make sense.

Psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania who poured over the data from more than 10,000 speed daters came to the conclusion that most people decide whether or not they’re attracted to a potential date within about 3 seconds of meeting them.

Especially when you factor in that about 2/3 of Americans believe in love at first sight with over half of those reporting that they’ve actually experienced it.

How It Works

When you visit, instead of completing a lengthy questionnaire, you simply answer a couple of questions and provide a photo of yourself and joining is free.

Your photo is then analyzed and compared to their current database of thousands of other photos and the best matches are displayed for you to choose from.

“Never underestimate the power of a face” says Bloom.

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