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Dating Advice Tips: Spring Break Do’s And Don’ts

Dating Advice Tips: Spring Break Do's and Don'ts

Dating Advice Tips: Spring Break Do's and Don'ts

Editor’s Note: Thanks to our friends at club beer for these spring break dating advice tips.

Around spring break a lot of people — especially college students — seem to go into a kind of frenzy of hormones and excitement, in anticipation of not only getting a little time off from their day-to-day lives, but the legendary atmosphere of freedom and debauchery that can be sought out during their holiday.

Far be it for me to tell anyone how to have a good time, but there are no less a few things worth keeping in mind during spring break while out making the most out of life.

Dating Advice Tips Do: Fall In Love!

And why not? There’s a reason college students and other young people love this time of the year, and while love may not be the exact word that some would use to describe it, either way it is a time to meet people and form relationships of all sorts.

Dating Advice Tips Don’t: Sleep With Strangers

The risks here simply outweigh the rewards. I’m not only talking about the risk of pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, because while those are huge problems I have faith in the idea that anyone who has lived to be over the age of eighteen should understand that fully.

More pertinently, the risk is that when people let their hormones rule them and take a certain party attitude to life, they put themselves and others at risk emotionally. Even if you can handle it, the person you have your eye on may not, and few people are interested in simply being used and discarded.

Dating Advice Tips Do: Drink up!

If you’re of age, there is no reason you should feel restrained from enjoying yourself and having a few drinks to get into the swing of things. Beer will be the drink of choice for most here, and it’s probably best to stick with that and avoid the hard stuff if you want to keep your party going all night.

Dating Advice Tips Don’t: Drink Irresponsibly

As much fun as you might be having out there, try not to overdo it. You should know and understand your limit, and if you don’t, you should most definitely take it slow. You probably don’t want to make a fool of yourself.

More to the point, you don’t want to hurt anybody. No matter how much fun you’re having, if you can’t keep control of yourself, or if you don’t have friends around who can help you, the kind of trouble you can get yourself in just isn’t worth it.

Dating Advice Tips Do: Remember These Days

It won’t be long before you look back on these days of glory with a great fondness, so you’d be well served to capture some memories and hang on to them. Remember your friends, the times you shared, and your favorite bottle of beer to crack open and have those feelings flood back to you.

These dating advice tips:

Composed by the blogging group at Beer Club Guide, where visitors can discover the very best club beer.

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