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5 Dating Advice Tips On How To Be More Sensitive

Dating Advice Tips: Sensitivity is about expressing your feelings.

Dating Advice Tips: Sensitivity is about expressing your feelings.

Dating Advice Tips: OK so you’re not the king of sensitivity, but success in the world of dating means being able to speak the language.

What language is that? FEELINGS of course!

Uh oh.

Here’s the bad news:

You’ve got to let your feelings out and you’re going to have to learn how to be more sensitive when around women.

Oh no.

High on a woman’s checklist of desirable characteristics in a man is sensitivity. So what do you do if you don’t even know what the word means?

We’ll let’s start with a definition:

Our Dating Advice Tips Definition of Sensitivity

“Having keen emotional sensibility – being aware of and responsive to the feelings of others.”

So at the very least it looks like you’re going to have to understand and respond to the woman’s feelings.

This may come at a price, but when you’re first learning to be more sensitive, you may only get a general sense of what’s going on. And truthfully, many men never attain an understanding of what goes on inside a woman’s mind at all. But sensitivity isn’t just about being acutely aware of the other person’s feelings and needs, it’s also about being responsive to those feelings and needs.

Sensitivity comes in two parts:

  1. Developing an awareness of another persons needs or feelings
  2. Acting on that awareness in an understanding and caring manner

How do you become more aware of another person’s needs?

Stop thinking about yourself all the time and think about the other person. Put that person first like you’re used to doing with yourself.

Still struggling with the concept or maybe frozen to your seat from the opening statement?

Here’s some ideas for developing your sensitivity awareness and some appropriate actions to take:

Dating Advice Tips For Increased Sensitivity #1

Notice whether or not your date is comfortable. Is she warm? Dressed right for the location? Is the place she’s sitting comfortable? Does she have the best view? You don’t want to walk on the beach for example if she’s in thin clothing and the wind is blowing.


Offer her your coat if she’s cold or appears cold. Put it around her shoulders and put your arm around her. Offer to switch seats with her if her seat is uncomfortable or ask for a better/more comfortable seat. Switch places with her so she has a better view. Be aware of what might make her uncomfortable.

Dating Advice Tips For Increased Sensitivity #2

Ask if she’s hungry or might enjoy a light snack. Perhaps she needs some water or something to drink? Be aware of this before she says something or hints at this herself.


Offer to get her something to eat. “You look hungry” is a good approach or “I could use a little something to eat, how about you?”. If she says no, don’t force it on her. You can also ask her when the last time she ate something was. A huge formal dinner isn’t always necessary. You can offer her a light snack, juice, water or whatever is at hand.

Dating Advice Tips For Increased Sensitivity #3

She’s telling you about some troubling thing that happened today. How should you respond?


Shhhh. This is a secret. In fact, this one response to what she is saying will not only score you big points with your lady friend, but as a bonus you’ll begin to understand how she feels about things rather than just what she thinks about things. But first you must pay attention to what she is saying –  yes all of it. When she takes a breath or finishes, (and only at that time) say,  “How did that make you feel?” (This single simple question can be a gold mine when used properly.)

Dating Advice Tips For Increased Sensitivity #4

She’s telling you about something that’s filled with a lot of emotion for her. How should you respond?


Again it’s important to pay attention to what she is saying so you can respond intelligently. When she’s done with her story, or at the appropriate moment say, “Wow that must have made you feel terrible [good | happy | sad | etc ] (fill in the appropriate emotion for your situation.) When you express how she’s feeling without her having to say anything, you score big points in her book of sensitivity. At the same time, it lets you jump into the conversation and say something appropriate so she knows you’ve been paying attention.

Sensitivity Tip #5

Be sensitive to her needs. Observe and offer.


Huh? OK here are some examples, she may not want that last bit of bread or pie or last bite of steak, but offer it to her anyway. Give her the best seat in the theater. Let her hold the popcorn. Tell her something specific you like about her clothing, hair or shoes. Notice something you can compliment. Tell her how soft her skin is. Don’t be rude or crude or creepy around her. If she needs to be home by 11pm, get her home by 11pm and make a point of it. Put her needs before your own. Randomly tell her how you feel when you’re experiencing a positive space, but don’t drag the conversation down with negativity.

We hope you get the picture. Practice these tips and when you reach the p0int where you’re more concerned about the welfare and experience of your lady friend than yourself, you’ve not only got a chance to impress her big time, but you may also find that your self-esteem gets a boost in the bargain.

Women can’t help but notice and respond to a sensitive man. It’s in their DNA!

To learn more about dating and dating advice tips take a look at our dating video.

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