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Can Body Language Magically Attract The Girl Of Your Dreams?

What does your body language say about you?

What does your body language say about you?

Would you like to silently attract the girl of your dreams without  ever having to speak a single word?

Believe it or not, sociologists estimate that 90% of all human interaction consists of nothing but body language.

So if you aren’t in control of what you’re putting out there – or you’re pushing the wrong image through your body language, you might find it pretty tough to land a conversation, let alone a date with Miss Wonderful.

So here’s  a couple of tips on improving your body language:

Body Language Dating Tip #1:  Get Rid Of Gestures That Scream “Wimp”

Here’s how to do it: the next time you are out and about, pay special attention to the body language of all the other guys and ask yourself, “What can you learn about their personality based on their body language?”

You’ll probably notice right away that gestures such as nail biting, fidgeting, gazing furtively, nervousness, hand wringing, tapping, twitching and such all point a big red arrow marked INSECURE – UNSURE OF HIMSELF at him.

To which the fairer sex instinctively replies, “Yikes!” just before turning to run in the opposite direction.

Learn from the body language of others by picking and choosing what feels right for you. Then practice in the mirror to make sure you don’t do something silly.

Body Language Dating Tip #2: Expand Your Boundaries

What boundaries you might ask?

It’s that invisible area surrounding us that we all carry around. It’s kind of like our own personal DO NOT CROSS police tape barrier. We stake our claim to space or mark our personal territory with it.

Have you ever noticed that some men seem to have more personal space than others do?

Some men seem tiny, withdrawn into themselves while others seem like they could take up a whole room.

It’s all about attitude, confidence and energy.

This guy doesn’t get out of anyone’s way – in fact people generally get out of his way because they can sense that he is somehow larger than life.

These kind of guys have a kind of internal swagger that is extremely attractive to the ladies.

Look for an individual with this kind of body language and model your body language after what you find.

Body Language Dating Tip #3: Violate Her Personal Space

An undergraduate study done in the early 70’s showed that each person carries an invisible ring of space around them known as their personal space.

The study showed that when someone enters that space, it affects the subject physiologically. Their heart rate increases, their breathing becomes more shallow, their skin conductivity  rises, and so on.

So one of the best ways to attract the girl of your dreams – without speaking – is to violate her personal space.

Get close enough to be intimate without getting in her face. It’s a great way to let her know how you feel and can be a terrific ice breaker.

You’ll find that conversation comes naturally after that – provided there’s any chemistry there at all.

Body Language Dating Tip #4: Poking Fun

You would be surprised at exactly how well you can communicate confidence with light, fun pokes, tiny tickles, hip checks and other flirtatious movements.

Doing so shows her that you are not scared to get close to her.

Of course, individual touches like this can be a bit awkward in the beginning, so it is a good idea to start by touching a personal item of hers such as jewelry, possibly her mobile phone or any other object first.

If you do want to touch her body, studies have shown that the least offensive place to touch is the wrist.

If you can’t bring yourself to go for it the first time out however, make a joke or tease her instead and then use pokes, hip checks, or tickles to reinforce the joke. Or make a point and to reinforce the point touch or cup her wrist but don’t linger too long.

Body Language Speaks Louder Than Words

How many times have you looked around at someone and thought, “loser” or “wow” or “I want to be like that?”

The simple truth is that body language speaks louder than words and it’s the first thing we notice.

If you want to be noticed, you have to first notice what your body language is saying and learn to speak the same body language.

It’s time to stand in front of the mirror and ask the million dollar question, “What does my body language say about me?”

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