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Cheap Date Ideas #2

Cheap date ideas can save your money.

Cheap date ideas can save your money.

Cheap Date Ideas #2

In this series or articles we’ll cover cheap but good date ideas. If you want to share some of your own cheap date ideas, we’d love to share your experiences with our readers. Leave a comment below or write a story for us.

In an article on MSN Money titled “The Cost Of Love”, the author says, “…51% of men in the U.S. spend more than $100 a month on dates, and 29% spend more than $150. In bigger cities, those figures are higher. For example, 82% of men in Los Angeles spend more than $150 a month on dates.”

Here’s a couple more cheap date ideas:

Visit A Museum – every town has several. Just don’t choose something like a torture or gun museum no matter how great the temptation. Art, local history and nature museums are a good bet.

Hiking – one of the best date ideas for the athletically inclined. The view and surroundings can make this a truly spectacular and breath taking time.

Wine Tasting – this should go without saying, but find out if the person drinks before setting up a date. Wine tasting events are often coupled with arts and craft shows (another cheap date idea).

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Leave us your cheap date ideas in the comments section below.

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